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Post-Surgical Rehab

Physiotherapy For Post-Surgical Rehab

Having surgery is a big step, and after surgery people often have pain, swelling, stiffness, and loss of strength.  Physiotherapists are experts at guiding you through the recovery process and maximizing your results from surgery. 


Total Hip or Knee Replacement

Following a hip or knee replacement, you will need to work on maximizing your range of motion, improving your balance, and progressively increase your strength.  The biggest factor in how successful a joint replacement is is how hard you work at Physiotherapy! 

How Physiotherapy Can Help
Physiotherapists are experts at post-surgical rehab and can help by providing hands-on soft tissue techniques and manual therapy to improve your range of motion, use electrical stimulation to reduce pain, and most importantly, teach you exercises that will optimize your strength and improve your ability to walk normally. Exercising after a joint replacement is the key to the best recovery!

ACL Rehab

After an ACL reconstruction surgery, following a proper rehabilitation program is essential to your full recovery.  Early on, improving your range of motion is vital in allowing you to walk normally again. 

How Physiotherapy Can Help
Physiotherapy can help with hands-on manual therapy to release tight muscles that are limiting your knee’s ability to bend, as well as stretching the joint appropriately to improve your ability to move your knee. 

As your recovery progresses, increasing your strength and balance becomes very important. We will optimize your recovery by teaching you exercises that are appropriate, based on your stage of healing.

Towards the end of your rehabilitation, the primary focus shifts to you returning to pre-injury activities. During this phase, physiotherapy can help by providing you with exercises that are specific to the functional activities that you are aiming to return to. Whether that’s taking part in sports, hiking with your grandkids, or going for a jog, physiotherapy can help.

Meniscus Repair

What It Is
The meniscus is a piece of cartilage in the knee that helps to add stability and Cushioning to the joint.  

How Physiotherapy Can Help
After meniscus repair surgery, physiotherapy can help by improving your range of motion with manual therapy when appropriate, providing you with the right exercises to strengthen your leg, and by using electrical stimulation to help reduce your post-surgical pain.

Rotator Cuff Repair

What It Is
The Rotator cuff is a group of muscles that produce rotation at the shoulder, these muscles also function to add stability to the shoulder during overhead movements.  Because of the location of the tendons of the rotator cuff they can get torn.  

How Physiotherapy Can Help
Following a rotator cuff repair, physiotherapy can help by improving your range of motion based on your phase of healing, providing you with corrective exercises once the repair site is ready to handle strengthening, and using electrical nerve stimulation to help reduce the post-surgical pain that you are experiencing.

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