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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Physiotherapy For Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are very common, especially here in Manitoba with our icy winters. These can range from minor to life-changing accidents and can lead to a variety of injuries and pain.

Following a motor vehicle accident it is common for people to experience whiplash, back pain, wrist pain, and hip pain. It is also common to experience a concussion or vertigo after an accident. Physiotherapy can help in diagnosing your injuries and get you moving and feeling better!

In Manitoba, MPI (Manitoba Public Insurance) covers your physiotherapy treatment using your claim number. MPI covers the full amount for your physiotherapy sessions, helps cover missed time at work, and helps pay for any assistive devices you may need. They also cover Vestibular Rehabilitation, which is the treatment of vertigo and concussions.

We have Physiotherapists trained to help you recover from any injury after your accident. Book an appointment today and start your recovery. 

Receive physiotherapy for car accident injuries now!

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