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Neck Pain

Physiotherapy For Neck Pain

Neck pain can occur from a large number of issues, ranging from poor posture to traumatic injuries from car accidents.  Regardless of whether you need help recovering from a motor vehicle accident or setting up your home office physiotherapy can help



What It Is
Whiplash happens when an impact quickly forces your head forwards and backward. This results in a sprain of the joints in your neck and strains the muscles. This is most commonly seen in motor vehicle accidents but it can also happen with falls and sports injuries. Whiplash injuries will cause neck pain, but can also cause headaches and dizziness.

How Physiotherapy Can Help
Physiotherapy can help by educating you on what symptoms are normal and when to see your doctor. Physiotherapists use manual therapy to improve mobility and relieve pressure on nerves in your neck. We also provide you with corrective exercises to regain strength and flexibility.

Tension Headaches

What It Is
Tension headaches are caused when the muscles and joints in the back of the neck cause pressure on the nerves that go up to the temple and forehead.  These can be associated with whiplash or postural issues at work.  

How Physiotherapy Can Help
Physiotherapists use manual therapy to release tight muscles and joints that are causing the problem. We teach you how to have better posture. We will also provide you with corrective exercises to strengthen your neck for a long-term solution.

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