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Pre-Surgical Rehab

Physiotherapy For Pre-Surgical Rehab

Your rehab doesn’t have to wait until after your surgery, in many cases it is beneficial to start working on strengthening before you have your operation.  The higher your starting point prior to your surgery the better positioned you are to recover!


Athletic Prehab

If you are waiting to have a ligament reconstruction for a sports injury you should be strengthening prior to your operation. The stronger you are prior to surgery, the faster you will return to your sport afterward.

Joint Replacement Prehab

If you are waiting to have a joint replacement starting a strengthening program is very important to your success. Many people who are awaiting this type of surgery are in a lot of pain and can get less and less active because of it. Having an exercise program ahead of time can help keep key muscles strong, keep you moving, and lead to better outcomes after surgery.  

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