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Our Story

The history of our clinic


Windsor Park Physiotherapy was opened by Roland Lavallée (Rolly) on Autumnwood Drive.


Windsor Park Physiotherapy moves across Fermor Avenue to 130-50 Lakewood Boulevard.

1990s – 2010s

Rolly and his team become a staple of the community, serving patients with care, compassion, and an extraordinary knowledge base. 

June 2019

Derek Purvis and Joe Dyck recognize the strength and potential of Windsor Park Physiotherapy and purchase the clinic from Rolly.


With support from our patients and staff, Windsor Park Physiotherapy navigates the pandemic and multiple lockdowns. We are able to continue serving our patients throughout the pandemic.

May 2021

Windsor Park Physiotherapy is rebranded to LOCAL Physiotherapy. LOCAL Physiotherapy is the embodiment of our greatest core value; community. We are your trusted neighbourhood clinic since 1986, where everyone is welcome, comfortable, and valued.


The clinic started out as Windsor Park Physiotherapy, founded by Roland Lavallee in 1986. Rolly has been a staple in the area and has always served his patients with care, compassion, and an extraordinary knowledge base.

Clinic Purchased

In June of 2019, Derek Purvis and Joe Dyck purchased Windsor Park Physiotherapy from Rolly. Derek and Joe met at physiotherapy school and have been great friends since. After a couple of beers at Earls, it was clear that Windsor Park Physiotherapy had the heart, soul, and reputation that Derek and Joe were looking for in a clinic.

Covid-19 Pandemic

Through the Covid-19 pandemic, Windsor Park Physiotherapy continued to serve the Windsor Park and Southdale communities. With the support of the community and our amazing patients and staff – the clinic successfully navigated this major hurdle. It takes a community to make a business work, and this experience really brought out the best in ours.  


In May of 2021, Windsor Park Physiotherapy officially became LOCAL Physiotherapy.

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