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Warmup Golf Stretches for Before you Golf

Aug 23, 2022 | Uncategorized

Warming up before you golf can be the difference between the best round of the year, or your first trip to physiotherapy of the year. Doing a few golf stretches, and then several practice swings are a great way to get moving. Here are a few easy golf stretches to help keep you injury-free this golf season!

Golf Strech 1. Standing up flexor stretch

This one can be tricky to get the hang of, so be sure to practice until you feel it in the front of your hip. Once you get proper form this should be easy to do anywhere.

Step 1: Stand in a staggered stance with your right leg forward.
Step 2: Rotate your hips forward and to the right.
Step 3: Bend slightly at the knees and slowly continue to push your hips forward until you feel a good stretch.
Step 4: Hold for desired and then switch legs and repeat the steps.

Golf Strech 2. Shoulder circles

Getting your shoulders warmed up before hitting the course is essential. This can start with shoulder circles before you start your practice swings.

Golf Strech 3. Repeated shoulder horizontal adduction

Stretching the shoulders across your chest will help give you a full follow-through on your swing.

Golf Strech 4. Trunk rotation with stick

Standing and practicing rotations before swinging will help get full back rotation before you start focusing on the club.

Golf Strech 5. Warm up swings

Its always best to leave time for the driving range. If you can’t hit the range to warm up, practice this routine in the grass before going up for your 1st tee shot:

  • 5 short range wedge swings
  • 5 mid-long range wedge swings
  • 10 driver swings, working up to full power

We the help of these golf stretches you will be at the top of your game this golf season! Looking for further advice? Think LOCAL https://www.localphysiotherapy.ca/book-an-appointment/

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