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The 3 Phases of Rehab

May 19, 2022 | Injury Management

There are many ways to approach an injury. The method we take is breaking things down into specific phases that each have a different focus and different treatment. Here is how we approach injury rehab at LOCAL Physiotherapy

Rehab Phase 1: Pain Relief and Range of Motion

This is right after an injury happens. You may be experiencing pain, swelling, and limited use of the injured area. Swelling during this phase is also very easy to trigger with light use, so even if it feels okay at rest it starts to hurt as soon as you use it. Phase 1 can last anywhere from 1-3 weeks and our focus will be on reducing your pain and swelling and getting you moving again.

Goals for phase 1:

  • No pain at rest
  • Reduction in swelling- Swelling should be down and not flared up with light, day to day tasks
  • 80% range of motion

Rehab Phase 2: Targeted Strengthening and Improving Function

This is when your injury has started to heal and can handle some strengthening exercises. Exercise in this phase is what people typically think of when they think “rehab” and are targeted exercises meant to address specific weakness. Your exercises may start out fairly basic, targeting specific muscles, and progress in to larger, more functional movements

Goals for phase 2:

  • Able to complete day to day activities without pain
  • Full, pain free range of motion
  • Equal strength from side to side
  • Improved confidence in using the affected area

Rehab Phase 3: Functional Training 

Phase 3 is when you get to start using all of that hard-earned strength. Our focus here is to get you back to life, work, or sports. This includes exercises involving pushing, pulling, lifting, pressing, and squatting. This phase is closer to a ‘normal’ strength training workout, and by the end of this our goal is full recovery!

Goal for phase 3: 

  • Full recovery!

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