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When Concussions Aren’t Getting Better: 3 ways physiotherapy can help concussions.

Apr 29, 2021 | Concussions

Concussions come from a blow to the head, and although they can be very uncomfortable if managed properly, most people will have a full recovery within 4 weeks. When a concussion lasts longer than this, it is called “persistent concussion symptoms”. After the initial 4 weeks, the actual concussion has often healed and the symptoms that remain are caused by something else. Here are 3 common causes and how physiotherapy can help each cause;

1. Neck

If you have a hit to the head strong enough to cause a concussion, you will also have experienced a whiplash injury. Neck issues can lead to headaches, nausea, dizziness, and imbalance. Sound familiar? This is often mistaken for continued brain issues but if diagnosed, can be easily treated. Fun fact; this is the reason Sydney Crosby struggled with persistent concussion symptoms, until he was properly diagnosed and treated. 

2. Inner Ear

The inner ear, or vestibular system, is where we get our sense of balance and equilibrium from. With a hit to the head, this system can stop functioning properly and lead to dizziness and imbalance. This can be treated with the right exercises.

3. Vision

Many people experience vision problems after a concussion. This is often caused by your eyes not working properly together and can cause blurry vision, difficulties reading, and headaches. Simple eye exercises performed at home are often enough to correct this. 

Persistent concussion symptoms can be frustrating and painful, but we can help with concussion management

Are you still experiencing concussion symptoms? Think LOCAL

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