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Physiotherapy Exercises

Physiotherapy With Corrective Exercise

Physio exercises are corrective exercises that utilize knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics. With a full understanding of your injury, your physio will teach you exercises that will address and fix movement dysfunctions, compensations, and imbalances. Improving the overall quality of movement during exercise and in day-to-day life. 

Movement Correction

Many people simply have a movement pattern that leads to overuse and breakdown of areas of their tissues.  Movement correction exercises are focused on finding the root cause of the movement dysfunction. Then we develop an exercise program to fix the issue. 

Strength Training

Our bodies will over-rely on our joints and ligaments for support without proper strength. Over time our bodies experience pain from these tissues. Proper strength training helps to offload the painful tissues by placing more of the load on the muscles. 

Flexibility Work (Stretching)

If some of our muscles are too tight, our bodies can become pulled into poor positions. A focused program of flexibility can help by increasing the length of muscles that have become too short over time.   

Postural Retraining

Many of us struggle with posture. Whether we work at a desk or sit on the couch every day, poor posture can cause a lot of problems.

Physiotherapy can help by providing you with instructions on how to set up your workspace. We provide you with strength exercises to help you maintain your posture in addition to stretching tight muscles. 

Get your body back on track!

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