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Manual Therapy

Physiotherapy With Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a hands-on physiotherapy treatment. It plays an important role in physiotherapy and when used properly is a very effective tool in rehabilitation.

Soft Tissue Release Techniques

Soft tissue release techniques are done in order to increase the mobility of muscles and tendons. They involve holding relax stretches, static stretches, and massage techniques. 

Joint Mobilizations

Joint mobilizations are techniques that are applied to the joint in order to help it move normally. This is done by moving the joint along the natural pathway that it should be moving on and stretching the joint capsule where it is preventing normal movement. 

Joint Manipulations

Joint manipulation is a small but quick thrust that is applied at the end of the available range in a joint.  This is done in order to increased movement and reduce pain associated with that movement. 


Traction is a form of joint mobilization that helps to take pressure off of the joints and disc of the spine by providing a slow steady stretch in line with your spine.

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