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Electric Muscle Stimulators

Physiotherapy With Electrical Stimulators

Electrical stimulation is a commonly used treatment in Physiotherapy. It is a safe and effective treatment for pain relief or to help strengthen muscles.

TENS Therapy

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy (TENS therapy) uses electrical impulses to stimulate nerve endings for effective pain relief.

TENS therapy works in two main ways

First, the electrical impulses stimulate nerve endings that detect non-painful signals. These signals travel to your brain faster than the pain signals, preventing your brain from perceiving the pain signals as strongly. It works the same way as rubbing your elbow after hitting it.

Second, your brain releases natural pain killers that help alleviate your pain for a portion of time.

Muscle Stimulator

A muscle stimulator works by placing electric pads on specific areas of a muscle, then utilizes electrical impulses to cause the muscle to contract.  This allows for targeted activation of specific muscles after an injury. 

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